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Still yet to summit Rocacorba this year

  • 42.6mi
  • 3,308ft
  • 2:30:06
    Moving Time
  • 2,588


  1. jayne duvall

    Haha, i got the first kudo in!

  2. Tom O.

    Too much snow?

  3. Brent Majors (Major League Glass)

    Ted, you ride your ass off. You get paid to be a great rider. I have a question... an Honest friendly question. Is there anything we can do to encourage/help you? Just let me tell you Ted.. My dream was stolen. You go get it.

  4. Ted King

    Hey Brent, you can buy some cool stuff to support adults living with brain injury AND helps get my name out - http://www.cutaway.us/collections/iamnottedking - you can cheer like mad, you can read my blog, you can buy me a coffee, and you can... hmm, that's about it. And, of course, buy Cannondales.

  5. Gunnar C.

    ....speaking of that.....any idea when the neck gator will be back in stock?

  6. S B.

    TK - any reason google wont let me go to iamtedking.com without being told my computer will overtaken by malware trolls? sorry if you have covered this most pressing issues some where else, ive been busy buying all TK approved merchandise