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19/03/13 Bristol, North Somerset, UK - long run (22.1m)

  • 22.0mi
  • 1,196ft
  • 3:10:01
    Moving Time
  • 8:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,318


  1. Mike Wells

    What kind of nutter runs 22.1 miles before work on a Tuesday!? :) Outstanding run though Gia, how was it?

  2. Trevor W.

    Great pace for a long training run, but up before the birdies for such a distance is not my idea of fun. I admire your determination Gia. Great running!

  3. Simon Walkden

    He's at it again!! (nutter). Well done Gia.

  4. Andrew Fletcher

    Amazing Gia, yet another long run at a good pace!!

  5. Giacomo Squintani

    Delighted to have been out there 3'52" less than last week yet racking up an extra 0.82mi. Delighted with the splits on miles 15 and 16, on the flat. On the whole, looking confidently to next month's 26.2: however, the more reasonable parts of my brain look at this as an indication I should target 3:45. The rest of me still feels like having a crack at 3:30 safe in the knowledge that, if I do tail off, any sub-4hr time will still be a good day at the office. And, regardless of what the first 26.1mi hold, hope to get in a 'sprint' finish as I did today. ;-)

  6. Strava A.

    Great running! My approach has always been:- Always aim high to help stretch yourself beyond what you thought possible; yes, you may fall further, but imagine how happy you'll be if you succeed. (And the chances are you'll push harder and so reach your initial goal regardless). Admittedly I've failed in some targets I set myself, and I might well do in April at Brighton, but it spurs me on for future attempts :-)

  7. Giacomo Squintani

    The view I'm trying to take is: If I aim for 3h30' (which, if I do, I'll do with a pace group) and it proves too ambitious, I can slow down and maybe still hit 3h45' or 3h59'59". But if I aim for 3h45' and then realise I've more in the tank than expected... well I'm hardly going to manage to sprint for the final third/quarter/mile, right?
    (Not sure this approach is in any training manual, mind...)

  8. Ma T.

    Fantastic running Gia!

  9. Martin B.

    22 miles in midweek?! Amazing.