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Some bike riding, then Motorpacing, then off to Belgium tomorrow - CLASSICS time

  • 49.6mi
  • 1,953ft
  • 2:25:07
    Moving Time
  • 2,333


  1. Peter P.

    Good luck!

  2. Michael Barry

    Good luck Ted.

  3. Karl Bowers

    Let the fun begin! and best of luck.

  4. Julian Cousins

    What's your favourite race?

  5. Doughnut M.

    Good luck Ted!

  6. Jay K.

    Kill it Ted.

  7. Ollie Rees

    Can you Strava the races. Would be great to see the speed you ride at. Good luck!

  8. Luca D.

    ahahahah, Ted, I saw you became a chef now.

  9. Oliver O'Sullivan

    Kick the classical ass, Ted.

  10. Harvey Kramer

    hoping for sunshine or at least some warmth!!

  11. Dennis Davidson

    Stomp them Euros

  12. Bruce Martin

    Good Luck, Stay Warm.

  13. Mike C.

    Haul ass !

  14. bram lammens

    welcome to antartica :-)

  15. Nick Leger

    which classic is coming up?

  16. Revere G.

    This is the BEST time of the year!

  17. Nick D.

    Gent Wevelgem :)

  18. Jed Tommy

    Good luck from snowy Canada Ted