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03/19/2013 Looooooose

  • 16.5mi
  • 3,193ft
  • 1:47:45
    Moving Time
  • 1,322


  1. Ab Sneaky P.

    I was expecting a 2 minute beat down today, 2.5 is almost too much : )

  2. John Michael Hauer

    I was trying to do full pace runs down Chupa but couldn't stay on the damn trail. Sorry for taking my frustration out on that loop. Might try it again on my 29er in the next few days and see if I can drop some more time.

  3. Ab Sneaky P.

    I would have bet big $ that was going to happen the next day, unless you had coaching duty or headed out of town. I also bet you can beat the time on the 29er because of all the climbing/flats. Don't kill yourself on Chupee before your season starts.

  4. John Michael Hauer

    haha thanks, that loop kinda hurt going hard. The 29er should shed time just for the reasons you mentioned. You guy's doing the same Sunday ride this weekend. might show up on my 29er if so.

  5. Ab Sneaky P.

    Hope to see you Sunday, same place/time, Myles will actually be there this time. The EVO might be in order but you would know better than me.