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03/20/2013 Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

  • 92.4mi
  • 4,088ft
  • 5:14:17
    Moving Time


  1. Michael F.

    Nice distance! Any pics?

  2. Alexandra S.

    the life of a pro! riding in Tuscany AND getting paid to do so! You got it made, Ben:)

  3. Derek O.

    Except when its raining everyday and you have to spend 5 hours on the bike. Not so fun.

  4. Telmo D.

    if you love it then it's always fun!

  5. Derek O.

    I love riding, but i wouldn't love doing it in the rain everyday. Just saying

  6. Telmo D.

    Well then you don't really love it

  7. Derek O.

    No just not in the rain. Not that hard to understand

  8. jmsy oo

    Just admit it. You hate riding.