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Desert Solstice 100 Mile and 24 Hour Track Invitational

  • 104.7mi
  • 2,171ft
  • 11:39:43
    Moving Time
  • 6:41/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 13,188


  1. Chad Sayban

    Great job, Zach! Loved following it on-line.

  2. Cody Logan

    Congrats on the record!

  3. David Corrie

    Incredible. 75 miles in a row of sub 7 minute miles... sub 7 minute overall pace. Dang man, that is freaking insane. I'm sitting at my computer studying these splits in disbelief. WELL DONE!

  4. Chandler M.

    Way to go, Zach!!

  5. Michael Heimes


  6. Kristian Morgan www.kristianultra.com

    Zach well done your the best in the WORLD, how does that feel?

  7. Chad Lauterbach

    Unreal result. Congrats, amazing. Thanks for sharing on Strava for all us commoners to be amazed.

  8. Raul Engle

    Great accomplishment man! How are the legs today? (Sunday)

  9. Damon Allison

    Whoa. Nice

  10. Matt V.

    Wow. Amazing pace.

  11. Kai Griebenow

    Super!!! And amazing!!

  12. Martin Ciderspiller

    Unbelievable... Wow.

  13. Benny R.


  14. Michael Owen

    I expect detailed bathroom break report.

  15. Tony Johnson


  16. Rob Enslin

    Insane. Well done.

  17. Gary S.

    Wow! Inspirational. Congratulations!

  18. Christian G.

    awesome. just awesome.

  19. Aaron Stewart


  20. Donny Perry

    Next up, the Beer 100-Miler.

  21. Zach Bitter

    Thanks everyone!

    Raul, they are sore, but nothing I didn't expect. The track does provide a different type of sorenesses though.
    Michael, haha only two this time! I was efficient on that front.
    Donny, you bring the beer ;)

  22. Sylvain R.

    100 miles on a "fishbowl", that's crazy !!

  23. Yann Noun

    4 min/kil, over 160 kils : I WANT TO BELIEVE ;)

  24. Frenchy ..

    Legendary! Whats next? How can you top that?

  25. Alan S.

    truly amazing! congrats!

  26. Aryeh A.

    Wicked! Amazing

  27. trrnss jzzml

    I read your interview on Runner's World! That is one thick red track! I did 15 miles once around a 40 meter sidewalk circle... Question: how'd you keep your phone on for 12 hours? I'm surprised it lasted that long!

  28. Zach Bitter

    Eliezer, thanks for reading! I used the ambit 2. It had 21% battery left at the end.

  29. Zach Bitter

    Frenchy, looking to do a few trail races to return to sanity ;) Black Canyon 100k and Sonoma 50 Mi. I've got Comrades in May as well.

  30. Jl H.

    Bravo !!!

  31. Steve H.

    Simpy unbelievable, well done!!!