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SDSR RR Flat tire+lawyer tabs = time cut

  • 92.2mi
  • 6,483ft
  • 4:04:23
    Moving Time
  • 3,705


  1. Rodney I.

    lawyer tabs? great job... Hope the blog gets and update.

  2. Collin Snyder

    I know that the lawyer tabs thing is now being enforced. Is there a definition of how high a lawyer tab has to be? Round them off and reduce the effectiveness of them, thus easier wheel changes.

  3. Christopher Uberti

    Blog post is coming, but technically cannot do any filing on the tabs, the idea behind the rule is to not change the bike from the factory

  4. Travis K.

    hmm. engineer w/ lawyer tab issue = great idea for a product. skewer with a large throw and maybe some spring that pushes the skewer wider when released?

  5. Christopher Uberti

    Oh trust me, I had a lot of time by myself to think about it. It's not a hard technical problem....but a very hard UCI rule problem.

  6. Collin Snyder

    Big cam plus a good size spring. Done.

  7. Travis K.

    Absolutely.UCI would shut it down very quickly, as (in this case) overriding the lawyer tabs is the equivalent to filing them.