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Luchon - 24/03/2013 Saint Savin, Midi-Pyrénées, France

  • 241.4km
  • 5,235m
  • 12:52:41
    Moving Time
  • 6,943
  • 357
    Suffer Score


  1. Mr. B

    What a tour!

  2. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    A good day until the Col d'Aspin on the way back. It poured rain all the way home.

  3. Mr. B

    Damn. Hope you enjoyed your epic ride despite the shower on the last 50 kilometers.

  4. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    I loved every metre of it.

  5. Damien Twohig

    Great stuff

  6. John O'Loughlin

    Feckin hell that's some "spin", chapeau

  7. Seamus Yore

    Epic ride Paddy. Are you training for a specific event?

  8. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    No Seamus, I'm just mental.

  9. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    I'm planning to do the Velo Peloton 7 Col Challenge as soon as the Tourmalet and Aubisque are open, 230km with 6700m of climbing.. I also want to try and ride the classic Tour de France stage from the pre war period, Bayonne to Luchon, 320km with 6500m of climbing. Work, weather and family permitting.

  10. Seamus Yore

    Mental alright :)

  11. Tom Judson


  12. Jonathan F.
    Jonathan F.

    2 from the "circle of death" Hats off!!

  13. James 'Seamus'  S.
    James 'Seamus' S.

    Fantastic, thats some plan too

  14. dave clarke


  15. Ken M.
    Ken M.

    Epic indeed

  16. Harvey Kramer

    crazy stuff...too cold and snowy here for that kind of riding.....

  17. Philippe O.
    Philippe O.

    BRAVO ! bien belle sortie #montagne ;-)

  18. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    Merci Philippe, j'aime les Pyrénées.

  19. Vélo Peloton Pyrénées

    It's never too cold Harvey, you just need more layers.

  20. Harvey Kramer

    no a big fan of tights, booties etc....and the bone chillin feelin of riding in the cold....spin class with hot chicks is fine :-)