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Oakland Marathon- 1st place woman. New CR in 2:47!!!

  • 26.6mi
  • 2:47:37
    Moving Time
  • 6:18/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,214


  1. Galen Burrell


  2. Devon Yanko

    I reminded myself to make sure to cross the finish line and stop my watch (makes for bad winner photos), but of course forgot to hit stop until 3 minutes later. Oops.

  3. Larissa Rivers

    so glad you had a great day! winner, winner chicken dinner :-)

  4. Liz G.

    AWESOME! Fun to be with you for a few strides. You made it look easy; hope it was fun. Saw your mom around 1 mile; very similar eyes! xxx

  5. mary churchill

    Incredible job!! A week after a 50k!!!

  6. Kristin Burrell

    Yeah Devon!!!

  7. Devon Yanko

    Thanks everyone!
    Liz was fun to run with you for a few strides indeed! Congrats on your teams win. Guess we all are going on a Hawaiian vacation together!

  8. Sunny SunDuk Kim


  9. Cherie Santiago


  10. Andrew L.

    Awesome! Way to kick some butt out there today!

  11. Peter D.

    Congrats Devon! Awesome race.

  12. Matthew Laye

    Nice job Devon. Great time on that course.

  13. Tanya F.

    WOW!! Way to go Devon! You are a rock star.

  14. Alex Ho

    Congrats Devon! So amazing

  15. Patrick M.

    Awesome. Saw you at the half exchange point and called your name to cheer you on. Great job!

  16. John M.

    Great Job Devon!!!!!

  17. Jon M.

    Great job out there today, I had fun being your bike marshall for the day. Sorry about that last turn!

  18. Devon Yanko

    Thanks Jon for the company! I think I would have been quite lonely and would have definitely gotten lost/run over without you! Very appreciated!

  19. Sarah Bear

    Great work! From Oakland to SF, and well all over the world actually, you are achieving amazing results!