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Steaming Nostril CX race

  • 68.2km
  • 342m
  • 2:43:00
    Moving Time
  • 1,964


  1. Ferenc J.
    Ferenc J.

    Hi Krisztian, Just found your posts regarding elevation misreadings on the Edge 510 Bugs thread on Garmin Forum. I have the exact same problem as you. Did you manage to fix it? I think Strava got it right: it doesn't smooth fluctuations as it should. I also read somewhere the barometric altimeter is not temperature compensated which sounds pretty bad (my other altimeters are all temperature compensated). Feel free to e-mail me fjacso@gmail.com Szia:

  2. Krisztian Toth

    No I couldn't figure it out yet. I did notice if I enable elevation correction in Garmin Connect and export the workout as tcx then the elevation data will be very similar in both Garmin Connect and Strava.
    My problem is that Garmin Connect seems to have the right elevation data but when I upload the same workouts to Strava the elevation data is totally different. It is either double then what it should be or half, depending on the file format I am using to import the workout into Strava.

    Hope they will fix that with a firmware update. My Edge 500 worked fine, I don't see why the 510 shouldn't.