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25/03/2013 sa calobra climb

  • 102.2km
  • 2,357m
  • 3:39:09
    Moving Time
  • 3,077
  • 116
    Relative Effort


  1. Colin Grant- Riach

    wow thats one hell of a max hr

  2. Steve H.

    On descents too. Either Dean shit himself at the speed he was going, or they were chest strap glitches.

  3. Jim Ross

    It must be a fault/blip in the HR rate monitor to create a max heart rate of 248. I think your max heart rate should be 220 minus your age - or thereabouts. I think the fact the graph shows the high Heart Rates on the downhill sections of Dean's ride proves it is a blip.

  4. Paul H.

    there is a known hr glitch with the garmin hr strap if the jersey isnt tight the flapping in the wind can cause elevated hr

  5. Garry Russell

    everyone's HR is diffrent, I can peak mine to 264 and I am 33 and it doesnt matter if u r going up hill down hill or on the flat!

  6. stuart davies

    264 how do you do that?

  7. Garry Russell

    Dont know stuart had all sorts of test ecg from the docs, think I am from another planet lol

  8. Dean Downing ®

    The max HR is clearly a wrong reading.

  9. Ben Rothberg

    Dean, I was sat on the second table next to you in Pollenca after your ride at one of the cafes in the square next to the steps. Was sure I recognized you but bottled coming over for a chat!

  10. Mark Schulty S.

    Just seen you on th cycle show good job you not been rideing no strava data