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Turbull Group Ride

  • 16.7mi
  • 2,599ft
  • 1:53:42
    Moving Time
  • 864


  1. Kelley M.

    Nice QOM there!

  2. Lorena C.

    That's it! you're not allowed to go to Turnbull. ..lol jk great job out there buddy .
    I didn't think I had that crown, cut I'm not good at the down hills.

  3. Jen Landis

    Thanks, Kelley! Lorena--I care more about climbing anyway. You're def QOM of Turnbull. :) Happy New Year!

  4. Liz Long

    Hi. I am the ecologist for the Puente Hills Preserve; the Preserve in which this ride is taking place. Unfortunately part of your ride is on an illegal trail. Please go to our website at www.habitatauthority.org to see our authorized trail maps (Look at the Turnbull Canyon Map) and adjust your ride accordingly. Basically the last segment of your ride where you exit needs to be adjusted. I suggest looping back up Worsham Canyon/Workman Ridge and back the way you came and out Turnbull Canyon. Thanks. Lizette Longacre.

  5. Jen Landis

    I'll make sure we don't go on the incorrect trail. Thank you for pointing it out to me and thank you for the alternate route suggestion!