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26/03/13 Portishead, North Somerset, UK - long & slow

  • 23.1mi
  • 1,174ft
  • 3:22:31
    Moving Time
  • 8:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,479


  1. John H.

    Anyone would think you had a marathon coming up or something. :-)

  2. Andy W.

    Fantastic stuff

  3. Trevor W.

    Epic effort for an early run Gia. Very well done indeed. A great time - should make you more confident about the race?

  4. Giacomo Squintani

    thanks Lads!
    Trevor - is it? On the back of my long runs I'm no longer worried about "getting round". I am, however, increasingly pessimistic about 3h30'. Hard to gage from a (relatively) hilly run... obviously I'd be happy with 3h45' and for that matter 3h59'59", but I've signed up for the 3h30' pacing group and I'm beginning to question the wisdom of that... although I'd be prepared to drop off that group and aim for one of the times mentioned above...
    ...I know I know, "run by feel"..! ;-)

  5. Cat Taylor


  6. Trevor W.

    Remember, on the day you'll be rested and relaxed having tapered properly. In addition, there will be the race-day adrenalin and the knowledge that you will have prepared as well as you could. You can do it mate!

  7. Mike Wells

    Epic running again Gia. Personally (as I'm a renowned sandbagger), I'd aim for 3h45 - that's what Simon and I did in Manchester and it worked great. I know I could have tried for 3h30 that day, but I wanted to make sure I got round and enjoyed it. If you go for 3h45 and are feeling good with 6 miles to go, you've still got time to speed up to get closer to 3h40. Whatever time you finish in, you've got a PB - as long as you make it to the finish, and that has to be goal #1 (and is more at risk the more you push the pace early on).

  8. Giacomo Squintani

    Thanks, Trevor - there will also be a fully-awake body and a flatter course, although potentially also somewhat more dehydrating conditions than the UK is offering this month...
    ...and very sensible comments, Mike! Although why you'd want to ensure you "enjoyed it" is beyond me..!

  9. Giacomo Squintani

    (and thanks, Cat - your recent runs have been phenomenal, what mission are YOU on?!?)

  10. Andrew Fletcher

    Wow Gia, that is a great run and a real confidence booster for your marathon, nice one :)

  11. Cat Taylor

    Hahaha! I think I'm trying to break myself. VLM is going to be really hard because I haven't got the base mileage in my legs so like Mike, I'm going to start steady and hopefully having covered the distance plus some over consecutive days will see me through! :) That's an amazing run, really massive respect to you :D x

  12. Nic W.

    Just seen this Gia. Awesome running, my friend. If only the Italian Justice system was as focused as you!!

  13. Giacomo Squintani

    thanks Nic - although there are similarities when it comes to taking forever to ultimately just go round in circles, no further forward than at the outset...

  14. Simon Walkden

    I haven't commented before now as I've been trying to find the correct superlative. I still haven't thought of one which matches the superb run so I'll just resort to: Wow!

  15. Cat Taylor

    Tremendous word Simon #superlative x