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Festive 500 #7 - Pilgrims to Whitstable

  • 122.1km
  • 1,421m
  • 4:37:18
    Moving Time
  • 2,890
  • 156
    Suffer Score


  1. Matt T.
    matt thornley

    Congrats on the 500!!

  2. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    Thanks! Not sure I'll be doing it next year. This is a cracking route, you would love it.

  3. Daniel H.
    Daniel Hewitt

    Well done on reaching 500km! Thanks for dragging me along (& schooling me). I don't think I've ever ridden up a hill so slowly.

  4. Matt T.
    matt thornley

    Yeah - it looks mega

  5. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    Spin it to win it Derny Dan! Hope you got back ok.

  6. Andrew M.
    Andrew M.

    Nice photo and ride. Not sure I'll be doing it next year either. Mrs M might not be so tolerant of my narcoleptic episodes.

  7. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    I think if I was to do it again I'd try and do two very big rides. And the falling asleep thing was a bit of a problem. At least it wasn't cold but that wind!

  8. Daniel H.
    Daniel Hewitt

    Yeah, back fairly swiftly: at home with my houmous.

  9. Scott B.
    Scott B.

    Great ride and congrats on the F500