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Stage 2 De Panne: I seemed to have reached into my pocket for a snack and hit pause. Cause the whole stage was nearly 5 hours and 200km. Oops

  • 36.5mi
  • 1,202ft
  • 1:28:45
    Moving Time
  • 2,008


  1. Dave M.

    Or you were just cranking out such an awesome amount of power U didn't want the rest of the world to know :-) Idea for a new setting, power cloaking.

  2. Brian B.

    No worries Ted, the results show you finishing at the pointy end of the stick. Great job helping Peto to the win! Keep it up!!

  3. Josh K.

    Thanks for posting your Classics data! It's awesome to see! Keep up the work that only a King can do!

  4. Patrick Cushing

    Nice work Ted. A 1st and a 2nd the first two days for the Green team!! Good luck today and Sunday!

  5. Ishmael Muscat

    Why don't you mount your GPS device on the bike? Would it get stolen or lost so easily when you get off the bike?