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Working On My Suntan - 50k PR Training Run

  • 31.0mi
  • 2,025ft
  • 3:28:55
    Moving Time
  • 6:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,574


  1. Tom Martin


  2. Lorne Reid

    All I can say is wow! That is an amazing average pace for the 50k.

  3. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Lorne

  4. Eric Schranz

    Nice clip!

  5. Koichi Iwasa

    Looking good for Mt. Fuji!

  6. Jay Grandin

    You're making my 5k pace look bad!

  7. Gary Robbins

    Koichi, I have been checking out your training runs, looks like we're in for a treat on the UTMF course in less than a month!

  8. Gary Robbins

    Jay, ha, thanks man

  9. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Eric, it was amazing how distracting the music actually was to the whole process. I probably woulda dnf'd without it :)

  10. Koichi Iwasa

    Gary, I won't run UTMF but cover full event. Here's my preview write-up. Looking forward to seeing you! http://dogsorcaravan.com/2013/03/27/utmf-ultra-trail-mt-fuji-2013-preview-e/

  11. Gary Robbins

    Koichi, I was forwarded this write up and posted it to my FB page yesterday. Thank you for the special mention. I will attempt not to disappoint during the race :)