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Bandera 100k! #seeyouinsquaw

  • 60.9mi
  • 5,361ft
  • 8:05:28
    Moving Time
  • 7:58/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 8,332


  1. Emily Kraus


  2. Hal R.


  3. Jeff G.

    Woah!!! Nice

  4. Mitch Van Bruggen

    Nice. Congrats!

  5. Tim Tollefson

    Hells yeah!

  6. Charlie Potts

    Unreal. Well done!

  7. Jonas Oppedal

    Hell yeah Denooooch!!!

  8. Michael Broom

    Congrats bud!!

  9. Christine G.


  10. Gus Gibbs | Fatty Loves Mezcal

    BRUUUUUTAL!! You are a beast.

  11. T H.

    Congratulations to 2nd place and WSER ticket. Great race!

  12. Sebastian Duesterhoeft

    Congrats! Awesome execution.

  13. Rudy R.

    Yea denuch!!!

  14. Rod B.

    way to go, man!

  15. Devon Palmer

    60.9 miles isn't 100k bro. #facts #keepit100 #kilometers #realtalk

  16. Sam Robinson


  17. Kristin N.

    Btw, you and Jenny have to stay together at least until WSER, because I'm going to help her crew, which basically means that the faster you run, the less intoxicated we will be at the finish.

  18. Paula D.

    This is truly awesome! Great job, Chris. Mom

  19. Donald D.

    Absolutely incredible run! Love Dad

  20. Paul @DirtRunning

    I couldn't be happier, for you! Looking forward to following you WS100 online.

  21. Chris DeNucci

    Thanks all! Now I get to see all the great runs you do as I take two weeks off!