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Tour of Flanders

  • 164.9mi
  • 7,343ft
  • 6:43:26
    Moving Time
  • 9,821


  1. Ben P.

    classy work Ted!!!!

  2. Jayce Bedal

    Good job

  3. Alex McCallum ♉

    Well done

  4. Nick D.

    What a race! All good in the hood ;)

  5. Josh K.

    Right on Mr. King!!!

  6. Rob I

    Totally impressed!

  7. Tom Czertowicz

    Great race, thanks for sharing!

  8. Alex McCallum ♉

    Back again. When I look at my Strava feed and the names of the rides that the riders I follow did and then I see "The Tour of Flanders" - Ted King. Wow. That says it all Ted!

  9. Michael Barry

    A great spectacle to watch. Awesome riding Ted.

  10. Vladimir Gazur

    you were super strong! great race

  11. Joseph W.

    TED saw you on OdK cleaning some shit out of your cleats. Also looked great on TV taking some great pulls. Great work for Sagan. But in the end...we know who the man is. Look at the video of Cancellara last 10K TT at 50kph. AMAZING. Live in Italy so we'll see you around TED

  12. Fresh F.

    Great effort Ted. Another great result for the team. Spartacus was just too strong for anyone today.

  13. Timothy D.

    Awesome race. Hope to say hello in San Francisco at TOC

  14. Tony Johnson

    Great to see you killing it on the front for soo long!! Maple syrup power..

  15. Nathan T.

    Nice work out there. I can't imagine this type of effort. Hope you get to lay low today. Fun fact-the calories you burned are equal to 358 Peeps...not sure the maple syrup equal

  16. Rudy V.

    Thanks for sharing, absolutely amazing job on the front of the peloton. You should be proud and thanks again for meeting in De Panne. Wishing you success in Paris-Roubaix.

  17. Rudy V.

    Funny thing on your data is the 25 Degrees Celcius.

  18. Evan D.

    thanks for sharing! great job!

  19. john estcourt

    Well done Ted and to the whole team.

  20. Marco G.

    Nice Job Ted!

  21. Julian Cousins

    I did the 255km sportive in 2010 - epic. Top ride matey.

  22. Tim L.

    Well done up front - 6 of us from Chicago rode the 259KM Saturday - amazing how strong you guys are on those damn cobbles.

  23. Wes Hamilton

    8670kj!!! That is a big number. Very cool of you to share these numbers, gives us some perspective on the life of a pro. thanks

  24. Matt Miller

    thanks for putting all your races on strava i love it!

  25. Frank G.

    Good Lord. That's alotta watts.

  26. Zachary Bulacan

    way to throw down the watts! but aren't you riding your super secret ride?

  27. Steve Feratovic

    Great riding dude

  28. Rob D.

    Great job Sunday, got to see a little on eurosport. I like the new bike.

  29. Aron Buterbaugh

    Great work!

  30. Aron Buterbaugh

    Jij hebt goed gedaan!

  31. Tom Dillon

    Full race coverage with telemetry: http://suffervision.appspot.com/v/3184001