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1st stage in Pays Basque. Pretty fast.

  • 154.8km
  • 4,477m
  • 4:07:26
    Moving Time
  • 6,173
  • 138
    Relative Effort


  1. James 10.57 Hutcheson

    you might want to change it to a ride! :D

  2. James 10.57 Hutcheson

    thats better!

  3. Chris E.

    That last climb was incredible!!

  4. Howard Shaw

    crazy!! :-)

  5. Dylan S.

    congrats on being named team lead!

  6. Phill Sharpe

    That is uber fast, not just pretty fast!

  7. Paul Gardner

    Pro race. Training bike. PRO! Respect!

  8. fred claessens

    Go LTD go!

  9. ross guilfoyle

    There is defiantly a stage win there for ya. keep the gears turning good work man

  10. Edwin D.

    Goed bezig! Fijn dat wij jou via Strava kunnen volgen, super! Succes

  11. Olof V.

    Dat zijn heel wat kroontjes! Succes, de vorm zit dus toch wel goed.

  12. Cato Rokne

    Het is zeer interessant en inspiering om je te volgen op Strava, Laurens.

  13. Martin D.

    topper !!

  14. Dave Cairncross

    Incredible els and speed !

  15. Mike T.

    Verdorrie! Daar gaan de KOM's die ik in een jaar verzameld heb, LTD in Pais de Vasco ;). Succes komende week.

  16. Laktatlounge.De .


  17. Eñaut Lertxundi

    wooow, under 10 minutes in the last climb, very very fast! good luck for the next stages

  18. Tom Dillon

    Go get 'em! Finish+LTD telemetry:

  19. Rob Delfosse

    Hope you are coming back to the Tour of Cali again this year. We'll be rooting for you on Diabalo!

  20. Rob Delfosse

    Those are some serious watts man!

  21. Andrew C.

    Congratulations on your team leadership, and good luck for this weeks racing.

  22. Stu Fleming

    were you in the group behind the crash?

  23. Abadie Francis

    welcome in pays basque. Please dont touch my KOM. :-(

  24. Campbell R.

    Anthony Jarrett is so inappropriate .