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  • 24.1mi
  • 2,509ft
  • 1:48:49
    Moving Time
  • 1,018


  1. Christen D.

    Dude! You did Hicks! What an insane hill!

  2. Amy Koop

    Omg. Didn't really "mean to", kinda stumbled on it. Damn, that's a hill!

  3. Christen D.

    That was my first ride ever clipped into a road bike last year!!! I fell over! Haven't been back! :-)

  4. Amy Koop

    That was an ambitious ride for your first, I love it. Let's go back sometime, show that beast who's boss!

  5. Mark Elston

    Dang, do you have a rest day? I'm sorry but I think Hamilton is your only option tomorrow.

  6. Amy Koop

    Who's in?!

  7. Christen D.

    I'm gonna hit Hicks one on these days for sure. I'll be sure to let you know!!!

  8. Mark Elston

    I'm in! maybe not tomorrow though. Tomorrow is an Egan sort of day.

  9. Amy Koop

    Okay, guys, just let me know!

  10. Mark Elston

    Come out to Egan if you get bored

  11. Amy Koop

    Is that the Alto Velo ride?

  12. Mark Elston

    Yep. If you want I can send you the deets.

  13. Amy Koop

    Cool - amykoop1@gmail.com. Thanks!

  14. Kathy H.

    would love to do Hamilton when this bike fit is finally dialed in!

  15. Amy Koop