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It's not quite jersey and bibs weather. But I decided it was jersey and bibs weather

  • 86.4mi
  • 4,961ft
  • 4:58:01
    Moving Time
  • 4,742


  1. Zach Thomas

    So you were shorts AND bibs at the same time? That's crazy talk.

  2. Chris M.

    Not really shorts/bibs in Flanders, either. More like thermal everything and shoe covers.

  3. Ted King

    Good eye Zach. FIXED.

  4. Zach Thomas

    Somehow I neglected to add the word "wearing" to my comment. How embarrassing.

  5. Jeremy Holdway

    Typos Galore!!!! LOL

  6. Pete L.

    Ted, it was in the low 20's at home. Definitely not Jersey and Bibs weather here either.

  7. Richard Beard

    Your from New England it's all good!

  8. Bruce Rychlik

    Any other accessories Ted? If it were 59 degrees heading out at 11:30 a.m. for a 5 hour ride, I would probably also wear light arm warmers (i.e. screens) and a vest/gilet - and maybe some lightweight shoe covers- maybe even summer long fingered gloves. It's always the setting sun and that final descent at the end of your 80k that will chill the bones.

  9. Harvey Kramer

    common now if it's 59 going out for a ride ....no need for shoe covers and multiple layers....maybe arm warmers, but they would be gone and in the pockets within minutes...good to see the new england boy toughing it out

  10. Bruce Rychlik

    I appreciate you comments Harvey but I'm from New England (MA) - maybe I'm a wimp - but I ride 5 times a week and over 6,000 miles a year and if it's not going to get much warmer in terms of peak temperatures - that's what I wear - especially if the sun is not out and the wind is blowing which happens here. Since I ride in the morning (almost always at day break), I rarely get direct sun (the trees are old and tall) and I don't ride in 70 degree weather until mid to late June. And once the sun begins to set towards the end of the day temperatures drop quickly. In terms of lightweight shoe covers - I am referring to over socks which I wear all of the time - even up to 70.

  11. Phill Sharpe

    Not sure if pro's ever train much with bare legs, do they? Knee warmers or leg warmers most of the time and certainly arm warmers/long sleeve jerseys too...maybe the height of summer ie mid to high 20 degree's C (75-79F) they do go bare legged, but pushing it. Racing, is a different story.

  12. Harvey Kramer

    interesting commentary about the leg warmers...grew up in Vermont so not really getting it...but c'est la vie...we have pros here in Colorado never see them wearing leg an arm warmers when its 60 plus

  13. Brandon W.

    I was over dressed today riding in the same area with arm warmers and a long sleeve shirt underneath. It's about as perfect weather as you can get. Reminds me a lot of my northern California riding weather.

  14. El C.

    Why is everyone so critical of typos.We sometines mate tyfos mitakes... They're part of life... Peace, love and all that goodstuff... Keep riding

  15. Bruce Rychlik

    Ted - maybe it's time for a blog posting on "What One Wears". Obviously everyone's body and environment is different but it would be nice to hear how you dress to train and race.

  16. Big Ern McCracken

    Bruce how do you live in New England ride almost 10k miles on strava and have your biggest climb be a 107ft climb? I am not trying to be mean, I was just baffled by this?

  17. Ted King

    You asked and now you received. Learn how to dress: http://www.iamtedking.com/2013/04/f-c-x-59-32/

  18. Bruce Rychlik

    Hi James. Thanks for the question. I looked through the support feature on Strava - it seems like I am not alone in that a great number of people have had "Biggest Climb" "stuck" at the wrong figure. One user suggested deleting my "inaccurate" biggest climb of 107 ft - which I did - so it looks as though it is now corrected - although what shows is not a New England climb but the Passo del Bernina from Tirano to St. Moritz which came very close to the end of a 95 mile day. That's the toughest one I have ever done.

  19. Big Ern McCracken

    Cool when you said how much you rode I checked out your numbers and that seemed impossible to me cheers and thanks for getting Ted to do a blog post!

  20. Campbell R.