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Morning Run to test 1/2M readiness

  • 19.1km
  • 1:37:53
    Moving Time
  • 5:07/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,634


  1. Dave B.
    Dave Barwick

    this isnt Albert Park lake!

  2. Dave B.
    Dave Barwick

    excellent run btw - lots in the tank to finish :)

  3. Darren V.
    Darren V.

    They had to move it due to a Triathlon at APL. I ran within myself and could have done the last lap to make it 22k but didn't want to risk things.

  4. Pamela S.
    Pamela S.

    Great distance !

  5. Scott S.
    Scott Stacey

    Nice finish Darren, good work. Make sure you recover well.

  6. Darren V.
    Darren V.

    Yeah that fall on gravel twisted my foot and it will be a few days before I know how bad it is. Plan is to wait out the next 2 hot days and try for Wed.

  7. Michael D.
    Michael Dart

    Not bad for someone who hadn't done more than 12 or 13k until a week ago.