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Race Paris-Roubaix on Sunday. Time to sit behind the moto

  • 57.9mi
  • 3,318ft
  • 2:59:55
    Moving Time
  • 2,918


  1. Michael Chaffin

    good luck...we'll be watching. Enjoy that dumptruck full of awesome

  2. Christopher Dart

    It's the Hell of the North, it's a beautiful race!

  3. Goncalo C.

    What do you mean with "sit behind the moto"?

  4. Fred H.

    Motopacing. Riding at high speeds drafting off a moped or motorcycle.

  5. Raul V.

    Good luck on Sunday Ted

  6. Chris Riekert

    Go get'em man. We'll be watching!

  7. Jamie W.

    Good luck Ted. Best race of the year for me to watch, smash it up.

  8. Daniel Cruz

    Good Luck!!!!!

  9. Strava A.

    wow i wish i was 20 again id be with you, i missed my chance but well ive got 3 great kids but man good luck out there brother.

  10. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    Keep the rubber side down bro!

  11. Pedrenyal :.

    Good luck, I'll be cheering!

  12. Anthony Ando`

    Keep it safe!! Good Luck!!

  13. Steve J.

    Once again, the ONLY rider I will be looking for in the TV coverage.

  14. Clark E.

    I will be watching man. Best of luck

  15. Brendon Stevens (Pure Savage)

    I cheer in the gym every time I spot you! Nice to see the person behind the tv

  16. Wade Newsom

    Spray paint your name all over those cobbles! "I am Ted King b@tches!"

  17. Peter Louton

    good luck and best wishes to you this weekend. I'll be checking the scores when I can while I'm working in the ICU

  18. Yanick P.

    Hell of the North baby.... go go go !!!!!

  19. Ken McGuinness

    Good Luck!

  20. Zachary Bulacan

    Good Luck! I can't wait to watch hope you get some tv time!

  21. Sergi Rierola Colomer

    good luck! I will be watching in tv

  22. Josh Billington

    Just read "The Real Payoff." Love your articles and the insight into being a pro.

  23. Brandon W.

    Ted, nice to meet you today. I was the guy with Neil this morning (Friday). Good luck to you this weekend!