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The pre-Paris-Roubaix route that I highly do not recommend

  • 34.0mi
  • 659ft
  • 1:51:12
    Moving Time
  • 1,189


  1. Jed Tommy

    Coffee is king

  2. Lorenzo Battistelli

    intrigued by this super secret bike ....

  3. Michael O'Neil

    mucho suerte mañana amigo

  4. J T.

    I'm surprised! Not a single strava segment. Should setup some to see who uploads to strava after the race Sunday. Good luck!

  5. Mr. Z.

    Thanks for talking me out of it Ted.

  6. Dan C.

    Ted I agree. Can't wait to sync my garmin. I'm happy u were the only one to see me fall in the sand. If the others were making fun of me in Italian just don't tell me. Thanks for waiting and the pull.

  7. Introini Paolo

    Good luck!

  8. Peter W.

    dan - sounds like you are having a good trip! Good luck tomorrow Ted!

  9. Laurence C.

    Kudos for managing to ride almost 55 km without finding a Strava segment!

  10. Kj D.

    OMG! You deserve a medal!

  11. Chris Mason

    Give em hell!