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TDU - Stage 3 ;)

  • 147.9km
  • 1,873m
  • 4:00:01
    Moving Time
  • 2,770


  1. David L.

    Stronger! :)@3

  2. Reid Griggs

    awesome ride! super entertaining!

  3. Patrick S.

    Bulldog ride mate!

  4. Tanya N.

    Awesome ride :)

  5. Fikri Pratama

    Strong climb!!

  6. Andrew B.

    Fantastic ride!!!

  7. Eva M.

    Just like wildfire Rusty! Had me on the edge of my bed at 4am ;) shame we won't get to see you again this year in Algarve. In this shape you would smoke them all in Malhao #5thplacenolonger

  8. roman lopez

    Strong men!

  9. Daniel Doan

    Super impressive riding! Awesome climb, descent AND sprint!

  10. Eric J.

    World class, no question.

  11. Justin Purificati

    Nice job on the climb. Not bad sprint either... not bad at all :)

  12. Anthony R.

    Super strong ride! WT is where you belong obviously!

  13. Laurent Lalancette

    Nice ! Congrats ! Where are you guys watching this ?

  14. Rich L.

    Have been tracking your progress, huge inspiration & thought you'd be taking it too them on such a power climb. Awesome stuff.

  15. Scott Emery

    What a powerful sprint! @Laurent: Free TDU streaming at ninemsm.com.au!

  16. Matthew D.

    Wow! Amazing. Congrats on a super impressive ride.

  17. Lawrence Brooks

    Congrats Mike!!

  18. Sam S.

    Proud day to be an ONTARIAN

  19. Bayden P.

    Adequate performance.

  20. Amenh T.

    Bravo Mike!

  21. Anthony Barrette

    Wow good job mike!

  22. Vicki Thomas

    Way to go Mike! Just watched you attack the climb and sprint in for third - so awesome.

  23. Benjamin Bureau

    Must be Québec Maple Syrup you won last September who makes you go this fast!

  24. Dave S.

    I've never yelled at my tv so loudly... Awesome ride Mike!

  25. Tim Gilbertson

    Crushed the climb! Nice ride.

  26. Michel G.

    Congratulations! Good job.Super Mike!

  27. Carlo Dal-Cin

    Fantastico Mike! Keep up the great work.

  28. Flying Zebra

    Great ride

  29. Cycles W.

    It was awesome seeing you ride so well. U r awesome!!!

  30. Laurent Martel (Rouleurs-Polo Vélo)

    Inspiring ride. Told you before TDU to keep an eye on a guy named Richie Porte. I think I'll ring him and tell him to keep an eye on a guy named Woods...

  31. Truwhip Cyclone

    Sicky sick!!

  32. Daniel Quinn

    Damn that looked impressive from my sofa. Congrats!

  33. Louis Cormier

    Congrats Mike, amazing performance!

  34. Javy C.

    Amazing final climb excellent job.

  35. Carlo F.

    The Canadian Purito!

  36. Bryce Jamieson

    I just watched this on my PVR in Calgary - So good to see that solid performance