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Diez Vista 50k - Course Record

  • 31.6mi
  • 7,179ft
  • 4:05:10
    Moving Time
  • 7:44/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,079


  1. Mike A.

    Only Alan Greenspan didn't see this one coming.

  2. Barry Young

    I've just gone through your splits and they're frankly terrifying. Looking good for UTMF!

  3. Paul Hazon

    Congrats Gary, sickeningly awesome job! Finally some inspiration for my half tomorrow!

  4. Sandra T.

    Congrats on your Course Record!!!

  5. Gary Robbins

    Haha, thanks Mike!

  6. Gary Robbins

    Barry, great run by you out there today too, especially given that you weren't killing yourself at any point.
    Haha, your comment made me laugh pretty good. Here's hoping today means something in three weeks time!

  7. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Paul, best of luck in your half tomorrow!!

  8. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Sandra :)

  9. Paul Hazon

    Thanks Gary! Any tips for nipple chaffing?

  10. Gary Robbins

    Paul, one roll of waterproof medical tape will last about a year!

  11. Tom Martin

    Wow!! That was amazing... Nice one mate!

  12. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Tom!

  13. Lisa S.

    fantastic Gary , you've got to be happy with that :-)

  14. Gary Robbins

    Absolutely Lisa!! Thanks :)

  15. Paul P.

    Awesome Mate!!!

  16. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Paul, great seeing you yesterday!

  17. Gary Robbins

    Thanks Tom!