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AntiEpic (the hardest f@!#ing race I've ever done)

  • 159.3mi
  • 9,902ft
  • 10:04:32
    Moving Time
  • 7,572


  1. Kristin Weber

    OMG I hurt for you! that sounds bad

  2. Chris Case

    It was...many things. Beautiful dirt roads. Awfully hard. 500 little climbs to make 10,000 feet of gain. But I probably saw 20 cars all day, pronghorns galore, bald eagles, elk, even Mickey Mouse near the end. I hurt.

  3. Andy Johnson

    OMFG! You are my hero. Awesome!! Nuf said.

  4. Chris Case

    Next year, Andy, you and me on the tandem...we can both be heroes!

  5. Andy Johnson

    Love it!

  6. Ben Welnak

    You forgot fighter jets, llamas, and countless horses. Two cows just chilling on the road too. Also, had you missed a turn like Garett, Sean,and I did, you would have seen lions too - like king of the jungle lions (some guy had a mini-zoo like compound...weirdest thing)

  7. Ben Welnak

    The tagline should be "The AntiEpic, Where the Downhills are Only Slightly Uphill"

  8. Chris Case

    You're not allowed to miss a turn, you made the course! Ben, that thing is a beast. Worse than any prairie-living lion. I was in such agony for the last few hours...and now I can't stop thinking about the next challenge. "The AntiEpic, It's Not Like Cyclocross." P.S. I rode 135 miles with a broken spoke!

  9. Matthew  B.
    Matthew B.


  10. Ben Welnak

    Ha..I know. Not sure how we just went right on by the turn..oops

  11. Mike fn Smith

    Loved your article on VN, especially the bits about suffering. The AntiEpic is ace.