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04/06/2013 Paia, HI

  • 57.3km
  • 3,045m
  • 4:06:33
    Moving Time
  • 4,011


  1. Melissa L.
    Melissa L.

    Thanks guys!

  2. Wayne L.
    Wayne L.

    Omfg!! You are the queen. Ok, this is going to spoil our relationship. Do I have to get permission to speak to you or even look in your direction?
    Seriously though, you'll have to give me all the details when you get back!!

  3. Melissa L.
    Melissa L.

    Ah, shucks Wayne. You're too kind!

  4. Trebor W.
    Trebor W.

    Confused?  65 and over here,  but 40-44 at Kona this year

  5. Maurice M.
    maurice maher

    Lol, actually 100-105 AG. You are correct 40-44 AG….Occasionally people like to keep certain settings private, or just use default age (1914). If you are looking at this climb message me, we've done it a few times….great ride, but not too hard about 5% all the way up.


  6. Trebor W.
    Trebor W.

    I didn't want to give the impression that I spend my time looking around Strava for people fibbing about their age. It was just one of those weird coincidences. - About a month ago a friend told me about this climb that was on his "Bucket List" & he wants to do next year on or soon after his 70th Birthday! (Don't worry he is extremely fit and has won World Masters medals). Then not that long after I was scrolling through the Kona results for some Aussies and thought that names rings a bell, where have I seen it before? Thanks for the offer, but the climb is not on my radar at the moment. Cheers