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07/04/13 Portishead, North Somerset, UK - last pre-MCR long run!

  • 23.1mi
  • 3:13:24
    Moving Time
  • 8:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,433


  1. Ma T.

    Awesome distance!

  2. Matt R.

    I thought I was clever doing 16k this morning! well done!

  3. Simon Walkden

    Great, distance & pace, Gia. I officially declare your taper now open.

  4. Nic W.

    not bad, Gia ;)

  5. Andrew Fletcher

    Bloody marvellous Gia, well done :)

  6. Giacomo Squintani

    thanks, Lads -
    set out to do the same 23.2mi route I did on 26/03 but soon decided to meander around on the flat instead... to give me a better idea of what might be realistic in three weeks' time! Only got lost a couple of times, which wasn't too bad. Really happy with the splits, especially towards the end. Encouraging...

  7. Chris Marritt

    Great running Gia! Let the taper begin

  8. Andy W.

    Brilliant stuff Gia

  9. Mike Wells

    Great run Gia! You are looking in great shape for Manchester, well done buddy, time for a #ProperTaper now :).