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  • 159.5mi
  • 5,028ft
  • 6:28:19
    Moving Time
  • 8,705


  1. Paulo E.

    1000 kudos, Ted!!! :-)

  2. Karl Baumeister

    Cobbled classic conquered!!! Awesome!

  3. Heather O.

    You Rock!

  4. Michael Barry

    Words fail me Ted. Awesome riding. It looked as brutal as ever out there today.

  5. Jonny T.

    Seeing Spartacus at the finish really summed that up! Hardcore

  6. James M.

    Thanks for uploading Ted, amazing to have access to this. Keep up the good work !

  7. Tiago B.

    Thank you so much for uploading this!

  8. Strava A.

    DANK! Good job you baller!

  9. Hank Sender

    Well done Ted! Best of luck this season.

  10. Roberto Romagnoli

    Bravo Ted!

  11. Giles W.

    8705 calories? You owe yourself 15 Big Macs

  12. Michael James, Velo Pasadena Racing

    A 'man's man race'; congrats on slaying all the pave, from Pasadena CA

  13. Karl Bowers

    unbelievable race. Kudos to you all the riders. How many days until all the dust clears from your system?

  14. Rob I

    drop me a line when you get back to Girona. I'd like to buy you a beer. Or two.

  15. André M.

    very nice race ;)

  16. Sage K.

    Nice work Ted, I dream of riding even just 50km of that course.

  17. Daniel Menendez

    good job. you must be in some serious pain. go get some rest.

  18. Chris Mason

    Flat-out awesome!

  19. Eric Nichols

    Truckloads of awesome, Ted. Oh, and in your spare time, maybe you could add a few Strava segments? I think I counted only 70.

  20. John C. P.


  21. Tommy Pace

    Way to stick in there!

  22. Ron Short


  23. Jeff C.


  24. Alyssa B.

    Kudos from Boston!

  25. Duke Of Milford B.


  26. Josh K.

    It was great watching you ride today!!! I was hit by a car yesterday while warming up for a race and have a totaled bike and arm now.

  27. Brandon W.

    Nice race today Ted! Thanks for uploading the info, pretty cool. I think you deserve some serious peanut butter sandwiches after this race.

  28. Aaron Miller

    Chapeau from NH.

  29. David V.

    WOW - All I can say is wow. You have to know what you do on a bike is amazing.

  30. Darren Garner

    Good Job Ted!

  31. Sascha Barth

    We need more cobbles in NH. Awesome job.

  32. Patrick Cushing

    Nice job Ted! Just finishing that SOB is deserving of big time kudos. As usual, thanks for sharing the experience.

  33. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    You're a bad ass. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Cormac "Cormy" Mcgeough

    hows your arse after those cobbles?

  35. Raul V.

    Uffff thats hurt!! Good race!!!!!!

  36. Clark Smithson

    Best name for a ride ever.

  37. Brownie G.

    1st class!

  38. Guillaume E.

    Ted King of Pavés! Bravo mec!

  39. Dave B.

    Great job Ted. Awesome ride.

  40. Scott B.

    Looks like you earned some of VT's finest "fancy" at breakfast tomorrow. As long as you're not against grading.

  41. Super F.


  42. Michael H.

    Well done Ted, absolutely amazing !!

  43. Justin A.

    Thats a battle for bike & body !

  44. Hollis Duncan

    Chapeau Ted Middlebury represent

  45. Dave B.

    Great stuff! Painful to see the stats over the pave. Average temp 77? That's gotta be wrong.

  46. Ted King

    FYI: http://www.iamtedking.com/2013/04/paris-roubaix-time-to-unwind/

  47. Bearded Bicyclist Derek Drifmeyer

    Psh. That's nothing. I did a 5.2 mile commute this morning that makes this look like a ride in the park.

  48. David Crisp