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DNF: 4x2miles at (4:35min/km). Abandoned last rep - exhausted.

  • 11.4km
  • 53:55
    Moving Time
  • 4:43/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,193


  1. Mike A.

    great going mate, it was bad enough driving out there let alone running! Smashing effort and pace

  2. A☕️ Mirza

    Really appreciate that mate, it was such a struggle. There were puddles the size of lakes on the pavement!

  3. Kate Owen

    You ran in this?!

  4. A☕️ Mirza

    Yeah it was fucking miserable. Hated every minute

  5. Kate Owen

    So would I. Not just wet but windy too. Floods everywhere. Bloody good times though! Pretty steady pace! Well done

  6. A☕️ Mirza

    It wasn't what I was hoping to achieve though, but the winds were just ridiculous. I couldn't keep going for the last rep. Glad I did it tho

  7. Kate Owen

    It's a great effort in this weather, listen to Michael!