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Test ride - Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1

  • 50.7mi
  • 3,317ft
  • 2:48:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,021
  • 165
    Suffer Score


  1. Ben A.
    Ben A.

    Great looking bike! Is this an addition to your stable?

  2. Karl R.
    Karl R.

    Looked nicer out than it was. One of those days when the wind seemed in your face all the time. So much water around Leith Hill, lakes and streams. Great bike though, shame it wasn't warmer out.

  3. Karl R.
    Karl R.

    Just a demo Ben. Wouldn't mind it though - I don't want to know the price! Goes well, great through corners, not uncomfortable. I got too cold in the end to do it even a little bit of justice. Lovely wheels, never ridden on full carbon before.

  4. Ben A.
    Ben A.

    It's not like you could "sneak" it in to the house either! You'll have to book a Propel demo ride for June.

  5. Karl R.
    Karl R.

    Haha.. not a chance. The kids would notice even if I hid it in the garage. Rode a Propel end of last year. Duncan at Wallington Cycles is a bad man. https://ragtag.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/propel/