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Mount Yamnuska

  • 9.0km
  • 924m
  • 1:35:22
    Moving Time
  • 10:32/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,417


  1. Mike Baker

    Awesome route!

  2. Jamie Junker

    Thanks dude! You gotta come visit this summer and we'll check some of these out

  3. Mike Baker

    I would love to!....just hard to pry myself away from work in the Summer!

  4. Patrick McNaught

    Where's the CRs??

  5. Jamie Junker

    @mcnaught: Covered in ice ;)

  6. Jamie Junker

    @Baker damn working for the man hey. I hear ya, same reason I rarely get as far as you are west

  7. Michelle B.


  8. Jamie Junker

    Hell Yeah sista! Getting ready the the triple C ;)

  9. Patrick McNaught

    Just kidding man. You'll get me come spring

  10. Jamie Junker

    All good man I'll take all the motivation I can get! As soon as it thaws were after them! We should make it a mini-race

  11. Yoga B.

    What's triple c??? Canmore 3? Hey, Did you do an Evening Yam??
    Nice work out there as always

  12. Jamie Junker

    Triple c is a top secret project mission were working on, can't be unveiled yet or it'll blow the whole deal ;) soon muah.... yes, half of it was by headlamp :) stars were pretty! And the lights too!!! Thanks Lori!!!