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Mt. Washington Fat Bike Ascent

  • 11.9km
  • 1,550m
  • 1:33:20
    Moving Time
  • 1,732


  1. Brett H.

    This is why Strava has a "Kudos" button

  2. Brett H.

    Way to go! insane!

  3. Pete L.

    The video puts this in great context. great effort. great ride. great reason. great job.

  4. Steve G.

    Just watched the video, respect is due for the conditions you rode in. Thank you for reminding us what riding a bike is all about, new adventure and new experiences.

  5. Rob Blazoff

    Great video, great ride

  6. Jim Shalkoski

    I don't know what's more messed up... This ride or the fact that it only has 28 kudos?! Holy moly. Insanity.

  7. Dave Symmes

    Timmy! So impressed with this ride and the reasons you did it! I am sure your dad is smiling down on you watching you accomplish this ride. That mountain is a magical place!

  8. Chris Danforth

    Most excellent, well done!

  9. Charles I.

    You the man!

  10. Tim Johnson

    Thx guys! Jim, this baby was locked up until the video came out, that's why!

  11. Wagner D.

    That was that kind of insane task!! Gongrats man!! Very impressed!

  12. Charlie B.

    Can I kudo this 10 times? Wow!!!

  13. Mike Moore

    What was your suffer score?

  14. Martijn de Groot

    Nothing but awesome!

  15. Robert Milliron

    Unbelievable!! that is all I can say

  16. Greg Hartnett

    4th place on the last segment.... in the snow on a fat bike

  17. Brendan M.

    Tim, it looks like you had a Hollowgram SI crank and single ring on the Fat CAAD. Did you use a NDS crankarm powermeter for this ride? Thx!

  18. Phil B.

    Aaaah choooooo
    Bad ass ride dude !

  19. Peter Stiefel - Team Hightide

    You're an animal. Envious and amazed by your 269w WAP for 1:33+
    NICE WORK!!!

  20. Zach Magoon

    Watched the video a while back online. It was a refreshing change of pace from the normal RedBull "extreme" takes. Thanks for sharing the poignant story of your dad, racing and the mountain. Keep up the good work.

  21. Blake Snyder

    Great video and inspiring ride. Love that you did it on a Fat CAAD 1. I own one as well and it is my favorite bike right now.... although I think your ride would have killed me half way! Cheers from NC! : )

  22. Dan Button

    Just read through the fantastic Strava Story of the ascent. Washington has such a unique, almost mythical pull, glad to see others feel the same way.

  23. Luis P.

    Wow amazing!

  24. Mark Higgins (KVelo) 🇬🇧

    You are THE MAN........respect.

  25. Al Al