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Montara Mt. / Legs were not happy entire ride.

  • 13.5mi
  • 2,500ft
  • 1:19:30
    Moving Time
  • 1,178


  1. nick goodwin

    Yeah I was not feelin it today either. Thank goodness the wind was helping. But excellent times anyhow, mike-hate to see how u do when legs feelin' good!

  2. Mike Boester

    Thanks Nick, every time I tried to put the hammer down the legs burned like He77! I just tried to push through it, its also helped that I've lost 15 of the 40 lbs that I've been trying to lose since January. Down to 199 now. :-))

  3. Brian F.

    I assume this was MTB?

  4. nick goodwin

    Ol nick was on a mnt bike, that's all I got. Curious as to what kind of MTb mike had on this ride

  5. Mike Boester

    I use my full suspension GIANT Anthem. Last time I put on the scale it came in at 27 lbs, I've changed the tires recently.

  6. nick goodwin

    My hard tail weighs about 22. My camelback weighs about 8 lb with water, tools, clothes, snacks on the medium to long rides.