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Lake Sonoma 50 mile Race

  • 49.1mi
  • 10,446ft
  • 6:30:34
    Moving Time
  • 7:57/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,501


  1. Barry Young

    If you click the wrench icon to the left, there's a "crop run" option. Incredible run, by the way.

  2. Ryan Lassen

    congratulations on another win Sage.

  3. Ben Cavin

    CR Booyah!!!

  4. Neil Whitehouse

    Great race Sage

  5. Tim Emslie

    Well done mate. Your on Fire!!!

  6. Kenneth Stensland

    Great race!

  7. Mike A.

    Too easy. Next time you should start the race in a full body gorilla suit :)

  8. Dennis Hogan

    Keep the wins coming Sage congrats you get back what you put in.I better put more in lol.

  9. Aaron Kay

    Congrats Sage if I ran 50miles at 7:56/mi I would need to be hopsitalised, you're a true inspiration!

  10. Strava A.

    Great job, and great pace for a 50miler!

  11. Shane Wilson

    Great run Sage....all the best to continued success!

  12. Mark C.

    Congrats Sage - brilliant result!

  13. Future Turf Artificial Grass Installation

    I really liked the summary video of your race on youtube! Great race. Why was Sandi in a boot?

  14. Bryce Whitesides

    Great job