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Paris-Nice stg 3. Everything was quite pleasant until Katusha crashed with ~10km to go and I went a#$ over tea-kettle over him. Chase proved futile (but fast), limp to finish. Talk to Taylor about frites @50m to go.

  • 123.7mi
  • 6,812ft
  • 5:08:47
    Moving Time
  • 6,958
  • 130
    Suffer Score


  1. Alex P.
    Alex P.

    I must say its pretty cool to be able to follow you during races like this, Thanks!

  2. P. Kelly

    damn hope you are ok and can start tomorrow!!

  3. A  C.
    A C.

    I was hoping that wasn't you when I saw the leeky gas rider go down

  4. Caleb Jonas

    hope you got nothing hurt way to fight through to the finish hope your back out on the next stage!

  5. Nathan J.
    Nathan J.

    Great to follow you like this, and gotta say hats off to you - those stats are great! Good luck tomorrow!

  6. Halvor T.
    Halvor T.

    105 km/h max speed! wow!

  7. Ted King

    Good eye Halvor. That's what's called a rocket'y fast chase (perhaps aided by a car.)

  8. Julian Cousins

    top crash - how far did that bike flip?!?!?! glad you got up and got with it. best

  9. Richard Beard

    thought that looked like you, his bike took a heck of a ride after that crash....hope your well

  10. Michael Johnson

    Gruesome looking crash; very glad to hear you're okay. Ride On!

  11. Sarah B.
    Sarah B.

    Rock on ! Thanks for sharing with your fans :)

  12. Nikita L.
    Nikita L.

    Too much leeky gas crashing in this race so far.Keep it rubber side down guys, hope the crash didn't shake you too much; good luck the rest of the tour!

  13. Robert Brock Coble

    I see you're using the Edge 500, whereas most pros I know of use the 800. I hear it's more aerodynamic (if much at all), but what are your other factors in using it?

  14. Johnatan W.
    Johnatan W.

    My gosh- you pro's aren't human! That's faster than my car can go (seriously). Keep upright and if it goes bad keep bouncing well... Good luck

  15. Bradley Helsel

    I would have to score this crash much higher then the Philly crash, even though there were no broken bones this time. Keep up the good work Ted, its fun to watch a NH native kick some butt in the Peloton.