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2013 Baker's Dozen - 2nd in duo Co-Ed - not bad after a broken bike on the start line, riding a bit on a singlespeed and riding the next ~6 hours on someone else's bike

  • 82.4mi
  • 4,373ft
  • 6:03:55
    Moving Time
  • 10


  1. Mark Blacknell

    Dude, great job killing it out there yesterday. I had a view from the cheap seats, and appreciated your pro (and polite!) passes. Good to put a face (or really, a wheel) with the name I see popping up on my local segments all the time.

  2. Rightcoast Rad D.

    Good work Jeff. Wish I could have seen the initial bike explosion.

  3. Mark Blacknell


  4. Jeff Dickey

    That could have been really ugly at the start! Glad everyone made it around safely and there were no crashes because of me!

  5. Jeff Dickey

    Turned out to be an awesome day on the trails. Not sure I've ever ridden something so fast, yet grippy for cornering at the same time