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2x20 Over/Unders

  • 36.0mi
  • 836ft
  • 2:04:05
    Moving Time
  • 1,473


  1. Stephen Szibler

    Ugh, how many times do you go over under in each 20 minute interval? Do you do it by levels, hr, or watts? I know these are good, and I've done them a couple of times, but they're very hard.

  2. Jeff Dickey

    I'm doing them at 2min over, 2min under FTP - working off wattage. They're definitely hard.

  3. Stephen Szibler

    Yes! But helpful for later! I'm sorry, what is FTP?

  4. Jeff Dickey

    Sure - FTP is functional threshold power, or the average wattage you can hold for approximately one hour. Lots of info out there on how to determine what your FTP is, e.g., http://alex-cycle.blogspot.com/2008/05/the-seven-deadly-sins.html

  5. Stephen Szibler

    Thanks! Thought it was something about a threshold.

  6. Stephen Szibler

    I think that's how I had done them last year. Basically you're time trialing and then going all out, but recovering at your TT pace. Ugh.