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Thing is...there was this squirrel

  • 32.2mi
  • 1,822ft
  • 5:01:01
    Moving Time
  • 9:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,041


  1. Linda V.
    Linda V.

    Way to go!!. Are your knees hurting yet? :)

  2. Tommy N.
    Tommy Nunley

    Good job!

  3. Chris W.
    Chris Webb

    Epic! Great Effort!

  4. James T.
    James Trixler

    Great job Bro!!!

  5. Sean R.
    Sean Raines

    Thanks everyone!!!! I thought each and every one of you throughout the day. Each time I grew more thankful!

  6. Chris P.
    Chris Parrish

    This is fantastic!! Ultra strong!

  7. Joshua H.
    Joshua H.

    Epic first ultra bro. Proud to know you. Keep getting it.

  8. Sean R.
    Sean Raines

    Thanks Chris! You've been smashing it too!

  9. Sean R.
    Sean Raines

    Thanks Josh...can't wait to run with you again! I'm proud to know you too!

  10. David B.
    David Burke

    Passed me with the biggest smile at 17-18 miles. Thanks for the DB pump up.

  11. Sean R.
    Sean Raines

    Back atcha brother!