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Slow ride with some sprints.

  • 28.6mi
  • 402ft
  • 1:41:34
    Moving Time
  • 1,046


  1. Tim M.

    Great Job on Fishinger Geoff. That's some serious competition there. Dave has done a good job teaching you about when to give your best efforts:)

  2. Geoffrey Albert

    That he has. Dave has really been an enormous help. That segment though... It's so painful. The traffic didn't help either.

  3. Tim M.

    The only way it helps is if you wait behind a semi and draft behind it at 40 mph:) Definately not a bike friendly road. Don't never, ever ride on Riverside Drive. I did too many fatalities on that road.

  4. Geoffrey Albert

    Yes, thank you. I'll add that to my do not ride list. I used to do a short stretch on it going down to campus, but I've even cut that out of my routes lately.