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pre otter hayward exploration smasher

  • 19.5mi
  • 3,600ft
  • 1:55:42
    Moving Time
  • 1,617


  1. Menso de Jong

    They're not much to write home about, but there sure are a lot of trails in Hayward. Who woulda thunk?

  2. Leopold P.

    My kids are a big fan of yours, dude. Would we fancy running into you at your team’s booth at Sea Beaver on Sunday?

  3. Kris Pederson

    crazy plunge time

  4. Menso de Jong

    There's a tree down at the bottom, otherwise that KOM would have been mine. And high-posting on my hardtail with semi slick 1.8 tires! LP- I won't be around on Sunday. I will be there all day Friday and Saturday, racing at 2pm on Saturday.

  5. Menso de Jong

    I was 8 seconds ahead at 4:20, then suddenly 10 seconds behind due to going around the tree. Boo.

  6. Mike "Mr. Crash" Solis

    You killed it on the Plunge - rad! Is it all dry and loose again?

  7. Menso de Jong

    Nope, it's in really good condition right now

  8. Leopold P.

    Sorry we’ll be missing you on Sunday, but kick some ass on Saturday—my sons told me that they think you’ll win!

  9. Bob D.

    Good luck at Sea Otter Menso