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I'm baaaaaack.

  • 157.8km
  • 1,953m
  • 5:19:29
    Moving Time


  1. Maxime Thoulouze

    Yeahhh !! :D

  2. Chris Pareja


  3. thomas medlicott

    Following you back here in Redlands, CA where we recently had the exciting Redlands Bicycle Classic - love to see you here next year Taylor

  4. Steven C W.


  5. Johnathan Cei

    Bentornato campione!

  6. Mike K.

    Hey T.....welcome back........looking forward to seeing your training and racing!!

  7. Piers H.

    how come you havent uploaded races?

  8. Raul V.

    Nice ride !!

  9. Paul Higley


  10. Veerle P.

    Hope you were wearing your cool vintage shoes :)

  11. Enrique C.

    awesome trng ride.

  12. Rik Lee

    They're gonna need a bigger boat

    (JAWS reference)

  13. Jesus H.

    Great long ride!

  14. Matteo Federici

    Great training Taylor!!

  15. Ali M.

    yeeeaaaaah! thats gr8

  16. Andrea C.

    What's happened?!?!?

  17. Peter M.

    would love to be able to ride some of yhem climbs that fast

  18. William Lowe

    Are you planning to ride the Amgen Tour??? Hope to see you.

  19. Robert K.

    Where have you been? Missing you around here man! :)

  20. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaiiiii !!

  21. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaiiiii !!

  22. Daniele Rizzo


  23. Strava A.


  24. Gianluca Mex

    We are waiting for you!

  25. Gianluca Mex

    we are waiting for you!

  26. Craig L.

    Been a while

  27. Dennzio 🚴‍♀️

    And baaaaaaaad!

  28. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaaaiiii !!!

  29. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaaaiiii !!!

  30. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaaaiiii !!!

  31. Scotti R.

    Vaaaaaaiiii !!!

  32. Charles I.

    YAY! TP you're the best!

  33. Jason Brasel

    where ya been?

  34. Mark Hubbard

    Loved seeing you tear up the trench of Arenberg. Keep it up mate, you'll be winning that soon.

  35. jayne duvall


  36. Michael K.

    Keep crushing it dude. I love watching you race, with all the controversy in pro cycling these days, you give me hope that the sport still has life in it.

  37. Christian C.


  38. George V.


  39. Glenn Walker / C.

    You need my badge Taylor...

  40. Steve W.

    Freaking finally!

  41. Kj D.

    Woohoo!!! YAY!!

  42. Milan V.

    Big day... Good to see! (Nice KOM!)

  43. Vincenzo Verzeletti

    Daje campione!!!!

  44. Abadie Francis

    tres bon :-)

  45. colin coates


  46. Wayne M.

    Top ride dude! Are you riding the Giro?