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Devil Mountain Double

  • 206.2mi
  • 19,841ft
  • 13:20:39
    Moving Time
  • 8,728


  1. Travis D.

    Are you using TraningPeaks/WKO? I'd be curious to see what your TSS was for this ride.

  2. Jason Milliron

    Yeah, I've got TP: http://tpks.ws/iG09
    648 TSS

  3. Jason Milliron

    Quick report: First ~90 miles, rode with Chris Evans. He did a great job of setting the pace and did the vast majority of the pulling. We were the first few over Diablo.

    Ham hurt. I started to bonk at mile 140 or so, coming down the mountain. Limped into the mile 150 sag stop and took 28 minutes to sit in the shade, drink Mountain Dew and eat. Totally rejuvenated me.

    Rode the rest of the ride solo and strong.

  4. Richard W.

    Great job - that's an impressive time.

  5. Robb Sutton

    You're nuts. Great job.

  6. Chris Evans

    I'm stealing your tss number. I turned on smart recording, thinking I needed to save battery time. Doesn't work with GC. bleh. 9700KJ for me.

  7. Kyle Glerum

    Awesome ride! I'll have to try it some day when I have lots of time. 20 miles and 20k' of climbing is a little more than this non-climber could stand right now. Nicely done to all of you.

  8. Chris O'Keefe

    Nice job for your first double. Have done this one 4 times now and never gets any easier.