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TT simulations day. All work and no play.

  • 98.0km
  • 1,108m
  • 2:45:35
    Moving Time


  1. Chris Small www.lacorsa.cc

    Did you just create that Arno 44TT so you could be KOM? Think it may be safe also.

  2. Derek Connor

    Not too late to sign up for the Spring Classics Challenge!

  3. Filippo G.

    Ciao Taylor, pensi di venire a provare la crono di Gabicce saltara?

  4. Mike U.

    Good work. It is a job after all...

  5. Inga Sieven

    good ride, nice street

  6. Ian Wright

    almost a Hundy

  7. Amilcar - Advocacia Amaral

    You had a motopace to lead you or You was the motopace?

  8. Krazy G.

    would love to be on your train dude !!!!!

  9. Krazy G.

    you can ride with me anytime dude !!!!!

  10. Ollie R.

    Taylor when you do next years TDF in Yorkshire please strava the rides and get all the KOMs! I'd like to try beat you