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Paris-Nice stg 6. Don't mean to brag, but I rode 181km on just 419kJs. AND it was wicked frigging hard.

  • 112.7mi
  • 6,952ft
  • 4:26:11
    Moving Time
  • 467
  • 129
    Suffer Score


  1. Alex P.
    Alex P.

    You can brag, its all good.

  2. Jon M.
    Jon M.

    got a few KOM's there...

  3. Lazy  L.
    Lazy Legs

    Ah yes and barely a pedal stroke all day... maybe someone's been borrowing Cancellara's 'Lucky' bike.

  4. Halvor T.
    Halvor T.

    Good riding today, nice seeing you in front the last part of the race..! :)

  5. Justin M.
    Justin Macias - CyclistThings/RnR

    I told you that tow rope would come in handy!

  6. Bryan J.
    Bryan Jones

    The chart shows a lot of zero cadence going uphill. Did you hold on to the water bottles next to the team car for a while? :)

  7. Julian C.
    Julian Cousins

    I coach tennis outdoors and when it's cold I reckon it costs me 20-30% more energy. It looks cold in PN, same energy cost for you Ted?

  8. Seth L.
    Seth L.

    You should probably skip dinner tonight.

  9. Fat  .
    Fat .

    88% of your ride was at zero watts. Amazing!

  10. Scott H.
    Scott Hawxhurst

    way to get a mention by bob roll on tv!

  11. Francis S.
    Francis Specker

    Power meter battery dead?

  12. Michael J.
    Michael Johnson

    It looked "frigging hard", but you looked damn frigging good at the sharp point of the spear with about 28k to go! Sorry to hear about Ivan; hope he feels better soon.

  13. William W.
    William Weber


  14. Ben W.
    Ben Webster

    Good to know you pros have the occasional computer malfunction too. I thought that was a strictly non-pro event.

  15. Christopher S.
    Christopher Stipe

    Ted, nice to see you getting some airtime. Keep up the great work and you will win a stage soon.

  16. Dave P.
    Dave Paff

    Mr. The King doing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A274X2aisl8