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  • 102.1mi
  • 6,707ft
  • 8:54:19
    Moving Time
  • 4,643


  1. Joel Helquist

    Did I read correctly on Twitter that this was unsupported?! Yikes. Nice work. I really want to go down and ride this.... in fact, I always have since I talked about it with your dad eons ago.

  2. David Houston

    Envious! Great Job Lisa.

  3. David Houston

    p.s. That's an awful lot of crowns. You're going to need a bigger head. Hah!

  4. Lisa Nelson

    Thanks David! I'm growing an extra head as we speak! :)

  5. Lisa Nelson

    Yes Joel we did it unsupported. AND it was 40 degrees and rained on us for 2 hours. We actually had to sit in the visitor center for an hour and warm up! (Thank heavens for it). Then the sun came out and we carried on. It was a beautiful day, trail was in nice riding condition. Carrying that much water to do it unsupported is hard on the back. Thank Heavens we didn't have an accident or major mechanical- I really don't know what we would have done. It is a great ride and very fun to do in one day! I highly recommend it. (Doing it over 2 days is also fun.)