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2016 WEMBO 24 Hour MTB World Championships - 5th

  • 373.8km
  • 5,393m
  • 23:41:44
    Moving Time
  • 18,370


  1. Ryan Sherlock

    For roadies looking at the power figures - it is much much more difficult to put out Watts on off-road single track that the road. Lots of on/off and bouncing around.

  2. Christopher M.

    Fair play that is some going! Out of interest what were you eating for food/fuel during the race ?

  3. Janek ◭

    It's like You conquer mountain on bike (top of Patagonia), awesone man!

  4. Risteard C.

    How did you record the ride for close to 24 hours - Garmin battery can't be that good?!! Savage result as well - well done

  5. Brian Lucido

    Even a roadie looking at 193W... for 24 hours, that is still great.

  6. Dawit Andom G/M

    I can't believe it

  7. Ryan Sherlock

    I used multiple garmins to get the file and then combined them in Ascent.

    For food - low(ish) carb a week out, final few days higher carb, morning of race, high fat, mod carb/protein. During race, mix of fuels, mostly carbs+protein and some fat from time to time.

  8. Nahom Abebaw

    Very tough good job!

  9. Barry K.

    Any hallucinations?!

  10. Ryan Sherlock

    Nope - mind was in full working order the full time, at least from my point of view - I did notice I was slurring at one point around 5am ;)

  11. Oscar M.

    Is that an accurate moving time? if so, that's impressive for a 24-hour race

  12. Ryan Sherlock

    Yeah - I only stopped for a few minutes over the whole race. I possibly should have had a longer stop and eat some like a bacon Ang egg sandwich after 14 hours or so though