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1/3 Love 1/3 Work 1/3 Getting Lost Through Pistoia

  • 136.0km
  • 1,771m
  • 4:43:10
    Moving Time


  1. Nikolai Gilroy

    I've been through Pistoia twice now and each time I have gotten lost, there is something about that city that doesn't jive with Garmins...

  2. Jason H.

    Looks like you got three KOM's to go after! Next time you get lost in town I suppose you are going to have to be the list king of the mountain eh?!

  3. Mike U.

    Anti Garmin zone. Use the force...Luke.

  4. Paul Geary

    Yeah, been there before.. Went out to do a 30 miler in Maryland and ended up doing 65 miles in the heat. Getting lost is nerve racking....

  5. Kenneth Rowe

    Visit Lucca if possible. It is supposed to be amazing. You are very close. btw Congrats for your amazing dual fourth places in the world championship RR and TT!

  6. Landry Bobo

    Hot in Maryland, 15 degrees in Colorado...

  7. Paul Geary

    Yeah Landry, your right. But recently old man winter has been sitting side saddle. Can't wait till it warms up here. I have to get to CO. One day, I hear its amazing to cycle!

  8. sjoerd smits

    That Simone guy, what's up with him? He's got all major KOMs in the area but he aint pro.

  9. Jason C.

    great place to get lost.

  10. Christopher Andrews

    hey any advice on the best places to ride between Grenoble and Rome? heading there in early June...

  11. Mark A.

    @ sjoerd smits - taking advantage of a tailwind perhaps? If you deliberately take on climbs when you have a good tailwind it can make a big difference to your time. I know some guys who do this regularly as they like to chase KOM's.........

  12. Luis Ramos Zayas

    That's a climb workout.