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04/23/2013 Hayward, CA

  • 13.7mi
  • 2,298ft
  • 1:13:59
    Moving Time
  • 1,112


  1. Menso de Jong

    MENSO SMASH HAYWARD!!! I love the race season... no more training rides, just mtb between races!

  2. Rob Butner

    Wow you rode down the green belt like a rocket. No hikers in your way? Good to see another Hayward Hills explorer.

  3. Menso de Jong

    Just a few, but they heard me coming so I didn't have to slow down. I wouldn't drive from elsewhere to ride these trails, but I'm actually quite pleased with the miles of practically empty dirt roads to explore. It keeps me sane between weekend trips to more interesting trails.

  4. Rob Butner

    Well you're taking care of my KOMs that's for sure. It was no man's land out there. I'll have to step it up. :) have fun!

  5. J.L. de Jong

    Nice collection of KOMs. I think I need another ride there with you soon.

  6. Menso de Jong

    I have class in the evenings, so you'd have to escape early, or maybe Thursday after class. M 6-9pm Tu 4-8 W 6-9 Th 4-6 classes

  7. Leopold P.

    What? Only 5 KOMs? What a cop out! LOL!

  8. Menso de Jong

    well, I already had three of them, so really just two new ones

  9. Joe Bernard

    Haha lemme find myself a hard tail instead of my only 6" am bike. Good work on taking the Kom I'll get it back ;p

  10. Menso de Jong

    Thanks. I'm not sure I will battle for this one, because this run was already on the edge of reason as far as being able to stop if there were hikers walking next to each other up the trail. As for the bike, it's a toss up... lose a little on the top, gain it back on the bottom on a lighter better pedaling bike, or the other way around.

  11. Rob Butner

    I agree with Menso. This is a high traffic trail with little room for error/avoiding hikers and I was surprised it was clear during that run down he made. Not that I could come close but I certainly won't challenge it.

  12. Joe Bernard

    I did it at night I think

  13. Menso de Jong

    Yeah, I think that's what I'll do from now on too. Once this quarter ends I won't have class until 9 every night and can go back to that

  14. Menso de Jong

    Oh, I totally forgot this until now, but the two guys I almost hit were the two dudes fully armored, pushing DH bikes up the trail. Ha!